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Work Release

Captain Jeannie Trainor
141 Production Dr.
Slidell, La. 70460
(985) 646-4103

The Work Release facility is a branch of Corrections and began in April of 1994. At this time 90 inmates have the privilege of being housed within the facility. Work Release is granted to inmates as a privilege and can be taken away at any moment. In conjunction with the Department of Corrections, (D.O.C.), the Sheriff's Office approves any inmate that enters the facility and participates in the Work Release program.

The Work Release Facility is run by the Sheriff's Office and administers written rules for the inmates and employees within the facility. Inmates that are sentenced to the D.O.C., who are in the custody of the sheriff, are not eligible for work release; unless such inmates are in compliance with standards for work release within the Department of Corrections. If any inmate violates the conditions prescribed by the sheriff his work release privileges may be withdrawn.

Inmates have rules that will be abided and established by the Sheriff or Director of the facility and the Department of Corrections. Each inmate is provided a copy of the facility rule book and the D.O.C. rules are included within the book. The inmates that are granted work release privileges shall be liable for the cost of room and board, clothing and other necessary expenses to his employment or placement.

Inmates must pay the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office a "Rent Fee"; a flat rate of $130.00. Their employment brings in the wages and it is deposited into an the inmates' account and dispersed accordingly and they are allowed a draw once a week for personal items or money orders to be sent to their families. The Sheriff's Office also establishes a savings account in the inmates name so when the time arrives of the inmates' release money is in the bank for them to begin a new life.

This facility is not a rehabilitation center - the Sheriff's Office does not attempt to rehabilitate any inmate - it is left up to the inmate what choices he will make for his life. The employees within the facility are there to insure that each inmate follows the facility rules. We aide the inmate in finding the best employment for his skills or training and we job check by phone or in person at random as well as, an immediate drug test upon the inmates arrival. Everyday ten percent of the inmates are tested randomly for alcohol and lockers are inspected and "pat" downs administered.

When the inmate is due to be released we assist him in finding a place to live if he wishes to remain in the parish. Sheriff's Office staff also assist him with obtaining a legal driver's license and other assistance is provided to aide the inmate in the transition back into society. The inmate is released with the savings account that was established and when they leave they now have money and possibly a place to live.

The staff in the Work Release Facility maintain the following for the residents.

1). The facility is run by the Sheriff's written rules
2). The facility is run by the Department of Corrections rules
And by this final rule:
3). Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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