Monteleone Junior High Student Arrested For Threats

A 14-year old male student at Monteleone Junior High School near Lacombe is under arrest this morning for making threats against teachers and other students, Sheriff Jack Strain announced today.

The student broadcast his threats on a popular social media site last night, which caught the attention of school officials.  Identifying on a “survivors list” several students who he would leave unharmed, the student promised that others were “going to die” when he saw them at school today.

At approximately 9:30 last night, the Sheriff’s office began receiving calls from school officials and several Monteleone parents concerning the threats.  Deputies were dispatched to the boy’s residence, where investigators spoke with the student and his parents.

The student was placed under arrest for one count of L.R.S. 14:40.1 – terrorizing.  He has been transferred to the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Facility and is being held there pending a 72 hour hearing.

“We take these types of threats very seriously,” Sheriff Strain said.  “Students must know that if they issue a threat to teachers or other students, they can and will be arrested regardless of their ability or intent to carry out those threats,” Strain added.

Investigators believe the student was acting alone in his threats and that there is no danger remaining to other students at the school.

Extra deputies have been assigned to the school today as an extra precaution.

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